About Us

The online public auction system known as e-Lelong is the online system in Malaysia conducting public auction of immoveable property for foreclosure proceedings in the High Court of Malaya.

The descriptions of properties that will be shown in the system are properties that are to be auctioned off by the High Court of Malaya in Peninsular Malaysia.

e-Lelong system facilitates public auction activities, improves the quality of the services provided by the Court and replaces the manual public auction.

e-Lelong system enables the bidders to bid online without going to court. Through e-Lelong system, the identity of the bidders is confidential in order to avoid any leakage of information and the bidders can bid without any interference from third party or syndicate.

The online public auction shall be controlled by Deputy Registrar/Senior Assistant Registrar at e-Lelong Operation Centre located at Kuantan Court Complex, Pahang.