Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is e-Lelong?
A: e-Lelong is the first system introduced in Malaysia to govern a real time on-line public auction of immovable property in court where bidders can bid from anywhere, without having to appear in court.
Q: What are the services offered by e-Lelong?
A: Among the services offered are:
  • To place a bid on-line without having to appear in court as a public auction is being conducted on-line in real time.
  • Bidders can check the particulars of the property in details and thoroughly.
  • Bidders can conduct searches of auctioned properties more easily and widely.
  • The identity of the bidder and the information is kept confidential.
  • No intervention from third party and syndicates.
  • All public auction transactions are conducted with transparency and integrity.
Q: How do I register as a bidder?
A: You just need to go to the registration page in hyperlink Login page, fill in the details and submit the required documents before sending your registration application. You will receive a notification via e-mail to access the e-Lelong website as bidders.
Q: How many times do I have to register as a bidder?
A: Bidders only need to register once in the e-Lelong system and this registration is applicable for the next auction.
Q: Can I place a bid for a company?
A: Yes, you can place a bid for the company. Representatives of bidders for the company must include the documents as required when registering on the e-Lelong site. For more information, please visit Registration page
Q: How do I pay the deposit for participation in the auction?
A: Bidder must provide a deposit in the sum equivalent to ten per centum of the Reserve Price of the property in the form of a Bank Draft. The Bank Draft should be sent to the e-Lelong Center (POeL) by hand or Express Post (Pos Malaysia) not later than one (1) working day before the public auction.
Q: If I came as a successful bidder, what will happen to my deposit?
A: If you are the successful bidder, your Deposit will be remitted to the Plaintiff. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid by deducting the amount of Deposit.
Q: What is the settlement period of the Balance of Purchase Price?
A: The Balance of the Purchase Price must be settled by the successful bidder within one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of sale.
Q: What happens if I fail to settle the payment for the Balance of Purchase Price within one hundred twenty (120) days’ period?
A: If you fail to settle the payment of the Balance of the Purchase Price within the specified period, the amount paid as Deposit to the plaintiff would be forfeited in accordance with the provision of section 267A of the National Land Code 1965.
Q: If I do not win the auction, will I get my deposit back? If yes, when will I get it back?
A: Yes, we will refund your deposit (Bank Draft). Refund of the Bank Draft will be processed within 3 working days.
Q: What is the maximum bid?
A: The maximum bid is the maximum amount that can be set by you to purchase the properties. The final amount you have to pay may be lower than the maximum bid you set (depending on the outcome of the auction), but not beyond the set value.
Q: What is a Bid Increment?
A: The Bid Increment is the minimum amount for your bidding increment. The added/additional value should be multiple of the Bid Increment.
Q: Can I place bids before the auction begins?
A: Yes, you can set your maximum bid before the auction starts. However, the actual bidding process will only start after the commencement of the auction.
Q: Can I lessen my bid?
A: If you are the highest bidder during the auction, you can reduce your bid. If you have been overcome in the bidding by other bidders, you will not be able to lower your bid.
Q: What is the Time for Public Auction?
A: The public auction will be held every day from Monday to Friday in three sessions:
  • Session 1- 9.00 am;
  • Session 2- 11.00 am; and
  • Session 3- 2.30pm.
Q: When will the auction end?
A: The time for an auction is only for an hour, but will expire, if no active bidders, in 2 minutes 30 seconds. The countdown time will be displayed when only 30 seconds is left. If there are bidders who have paid deposits but do not set their maximum bids, the auction will end within 30 minutes if they do not participate.
Q: Can I still place a bid even if the countdown of 30 seconds is displayed?
A: Yes, you can still place a bid even during the countdown of 30 seconds is displayed.
Q: What are the requirements to place a bid?
A: For more information, please visit the page of Terms & Conditions.
Q: What happens if another bidder places the same maximum bid like mine?
A: Before the auction begins, bidders may place the same maximum bid. If the maximum bid placed is the highest amount among all bidders before the auction begins, the first bidder to place his bid will win. If a bidder wishes to place the same maximum bid after the auction has started, the system will prevent the bid to be placed.
Q: I forgot my ID (login e-mail), what should I do?
A: Please send an e-mail to with your ID documents. You need to answer Security Question to recover your ID.
Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?
A: You can request a temporary password by entering your e-mail address used to register with e-Lelong by clicking on the Forgot your password? link on the Login page.
Q: How do I protect my User ID and Password?
A: The User ID and Password is your key to access to the e-Lelong site to participate in the bidding. Among the steps that can help to safeguard your User ID and Password are as follows:
  • Do not expose your User ID and Password to anyone
  • Do not provide your User ID and Password via e-mail or phone
  • Do not use the "Remember Password", because your information will be accessible by computer hackers
  • Leave or 'Log Out' of e-Lelong site once you complete all the requirements of the bidding activities.
Q: What is the appropriate browser to access the e-Lelong website?
A: e-Lelong site is best viewed by using the latest version of the Chrome browser and Mozilla's latest version.